Investment Philosophy
We believe determining the top investment themes and emerging global trends is the most important part of successful
investment vehicle selection, asset allocation and risk management.
The strategy that identifies global mega trends and the beneficiaries of those changes before becoming widely recognized
and tilts the portfolio to overweight the future winners and to avoid the losers, will generate superior returns without any
material increase in risk. The essential idea is to start positioning portfolios to benefit from tomorrow’s trends today.
Investment Process
We apply top-down and bottom up method combined with clearly defined top investment themes and global mega trends.
  • Use “Top-down” thematic investment approach to identify changes of macro factors that will fundamentally alter the
    structure of economics. This involves an analysis of economic, technological, political, social and environmental
  • Analyze and understand the implication of these changes, develop investment themes most positively affected by the
  • Use “Bottom-up” approach to identify top risk/reward asset classes and related investment vehicles that also are best
    positioned to benefit from these themes.
  • Build a portfolio of selected investment vehicles with the price that must not fully reflect their potential.
  • This process may lead to fairly concentrated portfolios, we employ a variety of risk management strategies to ensure
    downside risk of any theme is limited while not restricting upside performance in any way.
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