TJ Capital Management, L.P.
TJ Capital Management, L.P., a registered independent investment advisor, was founded in 2002. We provide wealthy
individuals, corprations, and institutional clients with experienced asset management and investment advice to benefit our
clients with superior absolute risk-adjusted rate of return over long term under any market conditions. We offer TJ-Directed
Separately Managed Account, Self-Directed Advisor Account and Long-Short Equity Hedge Fund to clients.
As a portfolio manager, we take the responsibility of making day-to-day investment decisions. This relieves clients of the
stress of having to make those decisions themselves. Our disciplined and analytical investment style ensures a sound
investment philosophy through all market cycles. We measure the success of our investment strategies by our ability to
achieve consistent growth.
"No Profit, No Fee" is our unique policy. Clients benefit from better management performance, so will we.  We offer more
advantages in fee terms, as we want our clients to be assured that our customized professional services are always made
in their best interest.
We keep open line to communicate with clients to better understand thire long and short-term financial goals, we keep open
line to communicate with them. Investment program will be adjusted in accordance with changes in the goals and financial
status of the client.
We enjoy prosperous relationships with our clients and look forward to providing you our unique professional investment
management service in the near future.TJ-Directed Separately Managed Account Features
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