TJ-Directed Separately Managed Account
A Separately Managed Account (SMA) is an individual account managed by an independent investment management firm.  
TJ-Directed Separately Managed Account is private account that client owns the invested assets directly in his/her name. As an
investment advisor, we are only limitedly authorized to place orders to buy or sell securities on a discretionary basis in client’s account.
TJ-Directed Separately Managed Account is customized to achieve clients’ financial goals. Each account follows a specific investment
strategy which will be adjusted in accordance with changes in the goals and financial status of the client. To achieve the best return
while limiting the risk exposure, the manager reviews and analyzes all portfolios on daily basis.
Each separately managed account is held at an independent custodian (such as Merrill Lynch, Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, etc. ),
which provides transactions confirmations, monthly statements, and year-end 1099 tax information directly to client.
  • Professional
    Experienced investment professionals provide institutional-level portfolio management for individuals.
  • Independent
    Offer clients individual, actively managed accounts (no pooled assets), the assets are never commingled with the assets of the
    portfolio manager or other investors.
  • Transparent
    Monthly statements and confirmation fully disclose all transaction costs, expenses, and management fees. Your rate of return is
    reported to you net of all costs.
  • No Interest Conflict
    Unlike brokerage account that clients are charged by commission per trade and sales of investment products, advice fee of
    separately managed account is charged based on total assets or performance. So the portfolio manager has same interests
    and goals as the clients, to achieve good returns and consistent assets growth.
  • Unique Fee structure
    Our mission is to bring clients the best professional services with the most fair, reasonable and attractive fee terms. Our fee
    structure has the following advantages.
    (1). "No Profit, No Management or Performance Fee"
    We will not charge any Management or Performance fees, if client’s account does not earn a profit.  Unless our clients make
    money, we don’t make money.
    (2). Easy to calculate
    At the end of quarter, client will receive an advisory fee notice which describes the amount of total fee and the calculation in
    details, therefore client will know exactly what they are paying for the service we provide, and there are no any hidden fees.
    (3). Paid in arrears
    Fees are paid quarterly, in arrears. That means before receiving compensation for our services we must first do the job for
    which client has hired us.
  • Convenient and Flexible
    TJ-Directed Separately Managed Account may be opened with cash, securities, or a transfer of assets from another financial
    institution. You may add to or withdraw from your account at any time.
  • Close Relationship
    One-on-one relationship with portfolio management team
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