TJ-Directed SMA Fee structure
Our mission is to bring clients the best professional services with the most fair, reasonable and attractive fee terms. Our fee structure
has the following advantages.
(1). "No Profit, No Management or Performance Fee"
We will not charge any Management or Performance fees, if client’s account does not earn a profit.  Unless our clients make money,
we don’t make money.
    a.  No Management Fee will be charged, if end-quarter net asset value under management is less than the original investment.
        Original investment is defined as the cash deposited and the cash from the liquidation of the securities being transferred in.  
    b.  No Performance Fees will be charged if end-quarter, net asset value under management is less than the last "High Water
        Mark".  "High Water Mark" is the last highest NAV after previous performance fee being paid. If at the end of quarter, the client’s
        account does not generate NEW net profits, i.e. the NAV is not more than last High Water Mark, no performance fee will be
        charged until the account experiences new net profits in a subsequent quarter.  
(2). Easy to calculate
At the end of quarter, client will receive an advisory fee notice which describes the amount of total fee and the calculation in details,
therefore client will know exactly what they are paying for the service we provide, and there are no any hidden fees.
(3). Paid in arrears
Fees are paid quarterly, in arrears. That means before receiving compensation for our services we must first do the job for which client
has hired us.
Please click the fee structure link below for more detailed informations
Performance-Based Fee Structure
Asset-Based Management Fee Structure